Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is the School of Disruption?

    The School of Disruption is on-demand e-learning that translates complex know-how into easy-to-understand content to allow you to acquire the skills you need to seize the next future's emerging opportunities. The School covers subjects and topics related to the main emerging trends and technologies. This know-how is essential to be competitive in the near future markets, and we decline it in its practical applications.

  • What is the Swiss Institute for Disruptive Innovation (SIDI)?

    The Swiss Institute for Disruptive Innovation (SIDI) is an organization founded in 2015 by a group of researchers, developers, entrepreneurs, and innovators. SIDI identifies, studies, and explores opportunities and risks of upcoming disruptive innovations to thoroughly guide enterprises, institutions, and public administrations to unleash their growth potential. Visit the website:

  • Why should I attend School of Disruption courses?

    The School's courses offer training related to the main emerging trends and technologies. Usually, this type of know-how can only be acquired by attending university masters of several months, MBA, or specialized courses. We make it accessible through extremely hands-on, concise, and on-demand courses. All of the School's instructors are internationally renowned experts with extensive experience in their field, which will allow you to gain the knowledge you need to seize near future markets’ opportunities in the shortest possible time.

  • Does the School issue certifications?

    Of course, once you have finished the course, you can download the School of Disruption certification, recognized by The Swiss Institute for Disruptive Innovation, and personalized with your Name and Surname. The certificate can be attached to your CV or registered on LinkedIn.

  • How can I purchase a School of Disruption course?

    To purchase a course, simply select it, register through the form and enter the payment details. The course will be automatically accessible from your account dashboard.

  • What payment methods are available?

    You can purchase School of Disruption courses with credit card or Stripe. All transactions are processed through our 100% secure checkout powered by Stripe.

  • How can I request an invoice for the purchase of a course?

    To receive the invoice, write to indicating your company details. You will receive the invoice within 24 hours.

  • I purchased a School of Disruption course. How can I access it?

    Accessing the School of Disruption courses is very simple. Log in with the credentials (email and password) you used to register on the platform to access your dashboard. You will find all your available courses.

  • Does access to the courses have an expiry day?

    No, the courses have lifetime access.